Closet Hacks (How to make it looks more “KonMari”)

Are you wondering why my feature image is batmobile? You will know why at the end of this post 🙂

This week, my husband and I are working on his closet and my daughter’s closet, so it can looks more “KonMari”. I know that this method of tidying is something I have committed for myself first, however, I still want my husband to learn. Not because he has too, or because the wife said so (lol). I want him to have experience of what Sparks Joy is and decide what’s best for him.

My husband is one of the most logical person I know, a person who doesn’t attach feeling to specific items. He has no sentimental items. He doesn’t keep any favorite items. The only thing he kept on buying are foods… and seawater fishes for our fish tank. Well  I don’t know what kind of category in KonMari that belongs to fish? Hmm.

Back to Clothes category, when it comes to Joy check, his rule is only one. “If I don’t wear it for a while, give it to someone who will”. Simple. That’s OK. It’s his definition of Sparks Joy and I wouldn’t mind.

Before hacking my husband’s closet, firstly I’ve done my part in organizing my daughter’s closet. It comes first priority because it’s messiest. And the in-out traffic of clothes in there is quite rapid.

Her closet dimension (w x h x d) is 120 x 180 x 45 (in cm). This is the busiest closet in the house, I said. A lot of clothes categories can be found here:

  1. Tops (short sleeves)
  2. Tops (long sleeves)
  3. Dress
  4. Overalls
  5. Skirt
  6. Bottom (shorts)
  7. Pants
  8. Panties
  9. Undershirts
  10. Shoes
  11. Socks
  12. Bibs
  13. Towels
  14. Bed sheet
  15. Blanket
  16. Accessories
  17. Pajamas
  18. Wash clothes
  19. Carrier
  20. Sheet Cover
  21. Diaper Bags
  22. Pillow & Bolster

Last but not least:

  1. Toy stock
  2. Baby Stuffs

(but it’s part of Komono (miscellaneous) so I wont talk about it much and I leave it for tidying later)

And they come in different materials (What??)

My daughter’s closet was too crowded. It’s hard to know what’s in there, what’s not used anymore, because everything is so scattered and small. Stack it up will not hold it forever because they’re just… to small. I took picture of her “before-hack” closet:


(It was previously full but I have collected half of them in an empty space for Joy check)

I shrunk in a pile of my daughter’s clothes, literally. I start to do joy check one sub category at a time:

  • clothes for 0-3 months,
  • clothes 6-12 months
  • clothes she’s wearing now.

I put the clothes that she doesn’t wear now in a vacuum bag, because I plan to have one more child.

And I choose the Joy clothes for her daily and manage to fit those in one side of closet. So, I separate the items other than fabric material in right side, while fabric materials in left side. Here’s the picture of right side:

And here’s the after make over of left side, where the clothes categorized and stored:


My daughter is very happy pointing the stickers and want to know what’s inside: D

It’s also not stressful, when searching for her tiny clothes. A success!

For my husband closet, since his clothes are not that many, I decided to decorate his closet a bit bold. I know that he’s not a collector type even though he has favorite items to look at, or movie to watch to. This time, I want my husband’s closet to be more personal. Something more masculine. Simple and I will let my husband feel the different of having just a “closet” and “personal closet”.

Well basically what I do is…..and this is an achievement:

I bought a batmobile “arkham night” miniature 😀


It’s my gift for him to spoil his child sense. I know he has big crush on robots and sophisticated cars, and he’s a geek inside.

It was a surprise and he was very happy finding a batmobile on his closet.

Here’s the picture of his old closet:

The transformation for my husband’s closet is simple:

  1. Fold his clothes using Konmari folding technique and use one unused photo frame for clothes stand so the back line is stand up higher than the front line.img_3014
  2. Remove the top shelve since my husband said it’s too difficult for him to reach. Now left area is only for hangers. This is for his uniform and shirts..img_3012
  3. Cut the unused shelve into a piece of shelve for pull out tray.
  4. Buy a soft close rail for the pull out tray (actually you can use the ordinary rail which is cheaper but he wanted it to be soft close, s’ok).
  5. Pair shelves with soft close rail and install it in closet.
  6. Put 1 boxes for his electronic devices (I put electronic devices here, because this the only door that have key), and stack boxes for his briefs and underwear, sport related clothes.
  7. Put the rarely used sweater on the top. Here’s the picture from no 3-7:img_3015
  8. Put the batmobile on right side, so the above shelve will become his personal art shelves.



(OMG I do love this batmobile).

My husband has the bad habit: he always forgets to close the door. This way, if he keeps it open, and I’m not in the mood to remind him, I will still be happy because his closet looks more Joy to me (I also like robots and cars :D).

Now that he has a personal art area in the house, I wonder if he will buy the other by himself later :p