Clothes Organization

Me and My husband have survived from clothes pile and now breathing fresh air 😬

It’s time to organize clothes. Yay! The happiest time for everyone because it relates to shopping, crafting, decorating, coloring.

Many of you might not own a drawer. As suggested by KonMari method, drawer is used to store clothes. This doesn’t mean we should toss our closet and buy drawers immediately. Only two general rules when storing accessing clothes in KonMari Method:

  1. It sparks joy,
  2. It must be easy.

The easiest way to hack your closet is adding shelves and put your clothes in boxes. However, this has limitation. As storing and accessing must be easy, too many boxes in your closet will make you confuse, yet making your closet like archive room.


In illustration above, the photo is taken beautifully from right angle, But I don’t think it’s Sparks Joy. However, it depends on personal test.

How about label the boxes? It’s doable. Our brain respond faster with image rather than writing. So if you’d like to label the boxes, use label that has images.


Unfortunately, this also has limitation. Despite you own many clothes categories or not, or you just have many clothes, you may not remember where you store them. And if your clothes just too similar. You may end up with boxes with same label.

One more thing, remember the drawer height usually align with our eyes or below. It’s height usually 75-80 cm from ground.


While a closet’s height can reach 200 cm. Comparing the drawer’s philosophy, it shows that the easy access, sort by the easiest is:

  1. What’s right in front of us, or eye sight level
  2. Eye sight level -1 when we bow.
  3. Eye sight level -2 when sometimes, we squat.

Other than that, are the medium to hard accesses which I will not recommend. Although you have step stools in your room this is just not efficient and might not embody KonMari spirit.

Because by KonMari, we must able to see everything.

You can put your everyday clothes in the easy access sections. But if this section is too limited for your clothes, hmmmm. It can be two reasons:

  1. Either you have too many clothes and can do joy check once again, or
  2. You indeed need many clothes. There are many fashion bloggers out there, which I think, their clothes and closet are investment.

If you indeed need many clothes that can’t fit in easy access sections, here are some tips:

1 Don’t Stack.

I questioned myself and took conclusion that this also not embodied spirit of KonMari. This same as conventional method where you stack clothes but this time you have less stack and that stacks is folded in KonMari.

Unless, your box has an built in drawer, like this:

The benefit of box with built in drawer is you can access items faster and easier, no need to hold the box to keep it steady while you search items you want.

Moreover, I assume stacking will make you tired in long term.

2  Maximize the Easiest Level, Eye Sight Level.

It’s ok to “put more” on the eye sight level since it’s the easiest place you can access everything. You don’t want to spend your morning collecting items you usually wear. Based on your convenience, taste and joy standard, you must not always use box.


Box is used for categorizing clothes. But if your clothes is too similar, and you only deal with numbers, not category or colors, boxes will only make you confuse. The clothes that you choose to keep now, with no doubt, reflects your life style. If your clothes type is same, and color is mostly same, then you tend to be become that person always. So don’t box it.

And don’t categorize what you currently don’t have.

Acrylic divider is a genius. The vertical part can be slide longer according to our needs. Unfortunately it’s only sold in Amazon. But don’t give up, you can do DIY using other materials to replicate this function.

3  Maximize the Medium Level. Consider to use Medium Size Boxes Or Additional Shelves.

Since the medium level requires more effort to access, it’s more wise to use larger boxes so when you pull the box out you get more clothes to see. For example if you use 4 (four) boxes in eye sight level, use 2 (two) larger boxes in medium level.

You can also use additional shelves or additional rack to store your boxes. It can be something you can buy like this:

Or you are a carver inside, you can create using MDF board and use bracket to hold it. When using MDF board, sometimes we don’t need full length. Something like this will do, depends on your number of clothes.


4  Maximize Space Below Hanging Clothes

This picture below is from IKEA PAX system, only to show the concept.


No one thinks about storage as well as IKEA does. See the drawer under the hanging clothes? You can replicate this function without necessarily buying IKEA PAX system. You can use something like this.

Search or affordable plastic drawers. Or anything that you can pull out and sturdy. This picture below shows that the drawers are usually in medium access level. From our eye sight to bottom.6c611ce8abe35de1ab1cf3173d037702

5  Use The Hardest Access To Store Clothes You Rarely Use.

In my opinion, when the spirit is easy access, it’s got to be easy access to your daily wear, right? If you use it for example only twice a year, why do you need easy access since you’re going to use step stool or squat anyway?

I tolerant myself that it’s ok not to fold in KonMari Way. There’s no rigid rule in KonMari books that requires us to fold anything. The key is easy access. The ability to see and grab specific items quickly without disturbing other items that can cause mess.

But, if you are an idealist, you can fold KonMari way and put it in large box then use your step stool to put those boxes.

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6  Avoid Small Boxes in Hard Access

This explains in previous. Imagine when you separate your clothes in small boxes in shelves above your head. You will need:

  • Grab step stool and step up
  • Pull out boxes and search one by one (stick stickers will help, but too much stickers also will make your closet like archive room)
  • Step down from step stool

Bigger box will simplify the search. But please consider if the weight of contents is heavy then you have choice to use medium box.


7  Create The Pull Out Effect.

If you have skills you can build drawer by yourself. The other option is pull out tray or pull out box. Pull out drawer and Pull out tray is the best feature that a closet has. It makes you possible to grab things that store in depth without hustle. This technology is really reliable.

Pull out tray requires less space and best for accessories.  There’s also vertical pull out like below. Free your imagination.


8  Combination Of Storages.

Using same size of boxes usually don’t spark joy. Different size and color of boxes makes your closet more “alive”. The general rule of KonMari is put the heaviest storage at bottom. Same rule as gravity.

Psychologically, our mind feels lighter if we put the heaviest items at bottom. Specifically bottom left.

9  Use PVC pipes to create frames

You can be more creative yet cost efficient by building PVC frames and put it in your closet rack.

But remember if your clothes is heavy, put more bars to hold it otherwise, it will be bent in some time. Painting the PVC pipes will makes it more Spark Joy.

Hope the tips above can help, and you can define what’s best for you 🙂




and various source from pinterest.